Hedge Cutting in Guildford, Woking & Surrey | Simmons Garden Services

A well-maintained hedge is a glorious thing. They beautify gardens and grounds, while creating a softer form of boundary that’s often preferable to fences and other hard alternatives. But many hedge species grow quickly, and keeping them well-kept and healthy can be time-consuming. And that’s not to mention the fact that improper or aggressive pruning can lead to serious health issues and even kill them off. These are the two main reasons so many residents of Guildford, Woking and wider Surrey bring in Simmons Garden Services to handle their hedge cutting requirements.

Book us in for a one-off visit, or schedule our hedge cutting as part of a regular garden maintenance program. Our horticulturists’ impressive knowledge of the wants and needs of all common and uncommon hedge plants ensures that yours will be cut responsibly, with the health of the specimen always a top priority. However, we still listen to you and ensure your preferences are taken into account. For example, a client in Guildford may want a very tight and trim sort of look to their hedge; over in Woking, a client may want something a bit more natural and shaggy.

Other Reasons to Invest in Professional Hedge Cutting…

Professional hedge cutting isn’t just for the sake of aesthetics: it will also promote growth and foliage density, and ensure that plants remain within their allotted space; no more moaning from the neighbours! Regular hedge cutting can also help to prevent the development of diseases, pests, and other issues that can damage the plants and reduce their lifespan, which is unfortunately a very common occurrence around Guildford, Woking and other areas of Surrey.

When to Avoid Hedge Cutting

With all that being said, there are certain situations in which hedge cutting by both amateurs and professionals is best avoided. One such case is when nesting birds have decided to call your hedge home. This typically happens at particular times across the year, often between March and August, but it is weather dependent and some birds nest at less typical times.

This makes it essential that whenever you go to cut a hedge, you ensure you’re not endangering wildlife that’s nestled away out of sight. Even cutting away a bit of their cover can make them vulnerable to predators, if not simply disturb a very important part of their life cycle.

Have a question about our hedge cutting service? Or perhaps you want to book in a visit to your Guildford or Woking home? Pick up the phone and call Simmons Garden Services on 07469 216 178.