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Welcome to the website of Simmons Garden Services. Based in Woking, we’re a team of veteran horticulturists serving clients all throughout Surrey, including nearby Guildford, Ripley and Horsley. Our aim is to help you get maximum enjoyment out of your outdoor space, without feeling obligated to spend hundreds of hours labouring away on it over the course of a year.

We achieve this by offering services including scheduled garden maintenance and grounds maintenance, and one-off visits for grass cutting, hedge cutting, lawn care and even jet washing, to maintain hard landscaping features like patios and paths. Another area we specialise in is assisting with overgrown spaces via a garden clearance or jungle clearances, when the foliage is especially dense! Our aim is to handle work in a professional, timely and efficient manner, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Lawn Care/Grass Cutting

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Garden Maintenance

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Grounds Maintenance

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Hedge Cutting

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Jet Washing

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Garden Clearance/Jungle Clearances

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Lawn Care & Grass Cutting :

Despite being one of the facets of garden maintenance most commonly handled by Guildford, Ripley, Horsley and Woking homeowners themselves, there’s a lot of time, labour and expertise that goes into proper lawn care and grass cutting. So if you wish to outsource this to trained horticulturists, who can ensure your lawn is a lush and healthy one, why not give us a call?

Garden Maintenance :

Keeping your garden looking its very best year-round, dealing with the challenges thrown at it by inclement weather and the ever changing seasons, can involve a serious amount of work and research. But not if you bring in our team. We’re charged with providing garden maintenance for many discerning clients around Guildford, Ripley, Horsley, Woking and Surrey, and ensure our approach is tailored to their tastes and requirements, while safeguarding local ecosystems and the different trees, plants, turf and hedges that call their garden home.

Grounds Maintenance :

Simmons Garden Services proudly handles the grounds maintenance requirements of countless clients throughout Guildford, Ripley, Horsley, Woking and Surrey. Following an in-depth survey and consultation, we’ll be able to recommend different grounds maintenance tasks with the view of keeping your outdoor space healthy, safe and vibrant year-round. They may include lawn care, grass cutting, hedge cutting, weed and pest control, minor tree surgery and even jet washing for hard features.

Hedge Cutting :

Acting as soft borders which can protect your privacy while beautifying an outdoor space, hedges really bring a lot to the table. But it’s important you keep them trimmed and well looked after. Otherwise, they could become overgrown and become a nightmare to deal with. To assist in this area, our team provides Guildford, Woking, Ripley, Horsley and Surrey with a professional hedge cutting service, working to your personal preferences and the needs of the species in question.

Jet Washing :

Roll back the years by banishing layer upon layer of ground-in dirt and grime from patios, paths and driveways. Our jet washing service sees highly pressurised water methodically applied to hard standings, and is a fantastic way of protecting and maintaining features without the need for harsh and potentially environmentally-unsound chemicals.

Garden Clearance & Jungle Clearances :

Before you’re able to fully enjoy your garden, or to further shape and develop it to your tastes, it may be necessary to deal with a lot of overgrowth and unwanted elements. Using powerful equipment, and ensuring that elements to be preserved are never unduly damaged, our team can stage a garden clearance or jungle clearances which give you a blank canvas to work with.


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